Lagotto Romagnolo
of Carpino Nero


Why choose the Lagotto Romagnolo ?

Given the growing success of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed we receive many requests for information even from those who do not intend to use the dog for truffle hunting, we briefly summarize the most common answers to the question “Why a Lagotto?” In addition to its appearance, which has already conquered you, you must know that the Lagotto is a dog with a big heart also suitable for family life, as well as being an excellent truffle hunter. However, it remains a working breed so not only sofa and cuddle, but also long walks in the open air and activities that imply an interaction with you.

It will be equally beautiful and engaging to undertake new experiences with your puppy: from agility to obedience, to games of mental activation, not to mention all the activities that require the use of the “nose”, a characteristic that distinguishes this breed in the search truffle, but also in many other disciplines or real “works” as its use in civil protection teams. In case you have children, your four-legged friend will be a great playmate for them and they will soon become inseparable.

His docile and sweet disposition makes this dog exceptional for family life. The Lagotto also does not shed hair and is hypoallergenic, therefore it is perfect for living at home. It will be sufficient to comb it two / three times a month to prevent it from felting and to contact a good groomer to cut it with scissors or shear it as needed.
One last thing to say is that the Lagotto is not a delicate dog from the point of health and is quite long-lived, but choosing puppies from parents tested for the main genetic diseases is very important, to avoid finding yourself having to face more unpleasant situations. come on. However, we will discuss this aspect in more detail in the section dedicated to health.


Vernio (PO)