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Our vision

One of the most important aspects for us is that the puppies coming from our kennel are healthy, for this reason we believe it is fundamental that all our subjects are controlled from the health point of view, thus testing every reproducer for the genetic diseases of the breed.

We believe that those who turn to us have the interest and the right to have a healthy puppy as well as a child of beauty samples or great truffle hunters.

Another fundamental thing is socialization. This path starts from the first weeks of life through various sensory stimuli that help the puppy in its growth, making it a balanced subject. Our children also live in close contact with the family, with adult dogs and with a cat named Pispolo, this means that they are well socialized and then get used immediately to relate to people and other animals.

Not less the morphological aspect, in fact we try to produce puppies that are as close as possible to the standard, using subjects from the most important bloodlines.

From an early age a work of imprinting on truffles is carried out, so that their natural qualities are highlighted. Obviously then that this path must be carried out by the new owners, if they are interested in “exploiting” the attitude to the search, characteristic of this race, otherwise they will still be excellent companions of life and an integral part of the family.

Being able to concentrate all these qualities would be the perfect combination, as well as our goal. . We therefore try to select according to health, character, morphology and attitude to the search.

How to welcome a puppy

A new component is about to be added to your family. The arrival of a new puppy is always a time of celebration, but also of strong apprehensions. Will it be able to adapt to the new home? Will he grow up healthy and happy? There are many questions that arise, especially if it is the first puppy that enters your life.

It is from the first days, from the first hours that your new friend will pass with you, that you will throw together the foundations for a relationship that for many years will prove to be satisfying and full of satisfactions.

The entry into the puppy’s home is a moment as well as exciting, for you and for him, also extremely delicate. Everything will be new to him: the environment, the smells, the noises. You are strangers to him. Make sure that the first impact with the house is serene and reassuring.
Avoid sudden movements or loud noises that can intimidate and talk to him always in a reassuring tone of voice. The puppy may appear shy or, on the contrary, curious to explore around. In any case, it will be confused and will have to become familiar with all the news that surround it. Comply with him and do not expect him to behave differently from those he will put in place in the first 2 or 3 days. Contact with other family members (especially children or other animals)should be gradual.

At the beginning it will be normal for you to do your homework, it will take a bit of patience to get used to soiling in the garden. Puppies are like young children and start to understand what you are teaching them, around 4/5 months.

Make sure that there are no dangers, or at least protect him as much as possible, making him find a safe environment, in which he can move easily, without “destroying” things that are important to you and dangerous to him..

The first night is possible that whimpering, finding himself in an environment that is foreign to him and with people he does not know. So try to reserve a quiet space of the house, where you will find a kennel, water and why not, your garment. Despite the lagotto is a dog that bears both the heat and the cold, we advise against leaving it to sleep outside for the first few months, which you can do when it is a bit ‘bigger.

It is advisable to feed them three times a day, to move to two times at the age of about 6 months. If you bring it out after every meal you will see that it will soon get used to not getting dirty at home
This also applies when you wake up, after a long sleep and after playing.

However, we remain available for any advice you may need.


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