Our Story


The cynophily

Dog-loving for my familyhas always been much more than just a hobby, but more a lifestyle that has been handed down from father to son for generations.
The hunting activity for us Langianni and also for the territory where we have lived for generations, the Valdibisenzio, was also a form of sustenance, during the war years, our dogs over time have always had a use and have always been an integral part of the family.

From hunting my father in 1995 approached what then became my passion, Lagotto Romagnolo and the search for truffles. In October 1995 my father made me get in the car in the direction of a new adventure called Briciola. I chose her from eight all white puppies, even now years later I shudder to remember that she shone in a different light than the others.

In the picture

From left, great-grandfather Agostino Langianni, uncle Fabrizio Langianni, grandfather Lando Langianni and my father Fabio Langianni.

A few years later my father decided to recognize Briciola to give her a pedigree and to approach the exhibitions and work competitions of the C.I.L ..
In 1999, from the mating of Briciola and Uguccione delle Farnie, Layka was born in February 2000, the only one who survived of 9 siblings.

Andrea together with Briciola.

The photo dates back to 1997 and portrays my friend Mario Morara, me at the age of 8, my father, a gentleman whose name we could not trace, Professor Giovanni Morsiani, Oliviero Zini and Pierina Piancastelli during a test of truffle search of the C.I.L.


In October 2008 an accident took my father away, I stopped with the lagotti and truffles; I’m not saying that the world stopped, but I began to see life in a different perspective, in 2009 after a serious illness Briciola my first Lagotto also died, they were dark years but as they say “it can’t rain forever”.

In 2010 I took the card for the truffle harvest, so I started again with the enthusiasm of a young boy who wanted to go far.
So in 2011 one afternoon in September I left for Peccioli (Pi) towards a new adventure called Ettore (Bauto). He is and will always be my puppy in my eyes. Pulled up to truffles and cuddles, growing up has become more beautiful every day giving me a lot of satisfaction on display as in truffle hunting competitions, as well as as a breeder.

After Bauto there have been many other successes both in Italy and abroad.

My presence in the world of Lagotto has become increasingly assiduous and my experience has gradually grown, so much so that I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to judge a Lagotto meeting organized by the English club in June 2017and I have judged another one in February 2018 in America.

I also had the great satisfaction of being elected as a councilor of the Italian Club Lagotto (C.I.L.) where I hope to continue to give over time my modest contribution to the development and protection of this wonderful Italian breed.

In 2019 the Top Dog Trophy was won by my beautiful Carlo del Carpino Nero and in the same year he also won second place at the Cajelli Trophy for the Italian breeds.

(The president of Enci Dino Muto gives me the Cajelli Trophy for Italian breeds 2019)

In 2021 my Nespola del Carpino Nero won 2 Trophies of the combined beauty-work, this testifies to the high importance of my subjects both from a morphological and aptitude point of view.

Over time my work has also been appreciated by the institutions of our territory, in fact I had the honor of being a guest of the mayor of my country together with my puppies and from March 2022 I was elected Vice President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Pratese, this milestone I honors and pushes me to do even more for my beloved breed and to bring the Prato and Italian dog lovers to the top.


Vernio (PO)