Our aim

The aim of the Carpino Nero is the protection of the Lagotto Romagnolo.
In this regard, our will is to select this breed according to health, character, morphology and aptitude to search for truffles.
With a lot of sacrifice I’ve decided that this way could be the only one for me. Now only time can say if I’ll be able to reach those results.

Information on the lagotto


Our breeding gives essential importance to this area by trying to produce subjects not affected by the genetic pathologies of the breed.


When a new friend is welcomed into the house, one often asks oneself when exactly it is necessary to start educating him: it all depends on the teachings to be transmitted!


One of our nutritionist experts is at your complete disposal!
Make an appointment and you will be contacted quickly for a free consultation.


On the “Incoming puppies” page you can see our breeding program and the puppies currently available.
he couplings are performed between subjects that demonstrate good temperament, morphological and attitudinal qualities and that are tested for the genetic diseases of the breed and checked for hip and elbow dysplasia.

about us

On the advice of a friend, we made contact with Andrea to get to know each other and to be able to bring a lagotto into our family. The kennel looks like a very well kept place and Andrea and Elisa have 1000 regards towards their furry friends. Andrea is always very available by phone and is "putting up with and supporting" us while waiting for our future life partner.


Of this breeding we were struck by the Professionalism, the passion, the love for the breed and for each individual dog. Going to visit it was essential to understand that you can fully trust. The result? We thought of a roan male and welcomed a loving white and brown female we are in love with! Highly recommended.


We thought of a roan male and welcomed a loving white and brown female we are in love with! Gomma is spectacular, intelligent and from the first day at home you have never and I mean never had problems with socialization or whatever. Andrea raises her puppies with professionalism and seriousness. He is a true professional in the sector, scrupulous, attentive, deeply loves his dogs and always available. I recommend that those who want a beautiful Romagna lagotto go and visit the kennel and get to know them personally. Only in this way can you realize the incredible work they do, only in this way can you be enchanted by the balance, sweetness and beauty of their dogs. Esteem, admiration and a lot of gratitude.


I found this breeding on the internet and I let myself be guided by the reviews! I was not wrong: Andrea is a professional owner, attentive and always available to give information and advice. He brought the puppy into our family since his birth by showing us photos and videos of the little furry baby. We are still in touch today for a simple update or for some advice. Our lagotto is sweet, cuddly and very smart.



Vernio (PO)